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As fast as the internet can help develop your business or organisation it can also damage your business just as fast, so itís important to address the task of establishing your presence on the Internet professionally.

There are many elements to consider when planning a long term online solution:

  > Graphic Design and Navigation
  > Content Maintenance and Updates
  > Content Delivery Method
  > Site Promotion
  > Traffic Reporting
  > Hosting

+   Graphic Design and Navigation
  For 48%* of online users, difficult navigation is the number-one barrier to making a purchase or accessing the information they require online.

That's almost half of your customers gone due to clumsy and illogical navigation.

Our objective is to create a simple and easy to understand interface that allows visitors to navigate the site without getting lost or confused. To optimise the efficiency of the interface we consider interactive features such as links that highlight and sub menus that pop up when designing your Web site.

Consistent page layout is another barrier that must be overcome to successfully communicate to your audience. By defining Layout Templates new pages are created and modified that are consistent in look and design.

With a unique mix of leading edge technical expertise and creative ability, our sites can communicate to your audience quickly and efficiently.

*E-Commerce News, August 27, 1999.

+   Technology
  Internet technology is changing on a frequent basis, each change increasing the opportunities it offers for exposure and branding. We keep ahead of these changes through our continuous training and technical development program. This is passed on to our clients through increased web site visibility and presence.

The Internet is a huge opportunity to be technical. This often leads to slow and potentially incompatible1 web pages. We carefully mix our skills of creative design and clever programming to create web sites which are impressive on all counts. We have helped many companies and individuals create their web presence, and have succeeded by providing packages to suit budgets. From our "First Step" web sites right through to fully customised database driven web sites featuring complex design, functionality and programming - We can provide a solutions.

1We even consider that around the world people may use different software to access your web site - Active Ink designed web sites automatically recognizes variations in software and make subtle changes accordingly.

+   Development and Project Management
  Active Ink has adopted a "results orientated" process to building web sites. This process is a careful mix of all aspects of development includes strategic planning, programming, graphic design, content development, testing and promotion.

There are many elements to consider when planning a long term online solution. Associated with each element are unique objectives that must be correctly executed for a project to succeed.

We identify key objectives and track each stage of development through an internal project management system. This ensures that all objectives are delivered on time and on budget.

Site Exposure and Reporting
Promotion and Exposure
How will people find your Web site amongst the millions of sites already out there?

85% of Web users find sites through search engines. To ensure that your future customers can find your site easily we register you with the Web's top Search Engines and Indexes.

Each search engine has it's own unique way of looking at your web site to determine what "search words" you should be found by. Knowing what these search engines look for could make the difference between someone finding your site or not.

Traffic Reporting
Unless your Web site is tuned to the needs of its audience it will fail its objective.

Analyzing traffic is essential to any type of online solution, including publishing, and e-commerce sites. Traffic Analysis software provides a report on visitor activity on your web site, including the number of visitors and the movement within the site.

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